Watch the fastest typist and their typing tips & tricks

The quickest typists in the world provide tips as to how to enhance the typing speed as well as improve from a casual typist to a fast typist.

With various people wanting to improve the typing skills, speed, accuracy as well as overall work performance, the top typists from the Ultimate Typing Championship 2020 have their secrets, and the good credit goes to the typing teacher.

In various offices, there is a continual battle with the thermostat, with certain people wanting a cooler temperature as they work, and various others who freeze and want it warmer.

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Change the keyboard

Some people believe that when you swap the keyboard you dramatically increase the words-per-minute when you type. This comes from the notion that membrane keyboards are comparatively lower than mechanical keyboards having n-key rollover capabilities.

The home row method of typing is taught across the world since 1888, when Frank Edward McGurrin, a court stenographer from Salt Lake City, Utah who taught typing classes, invented home row touch typing. But is this row method the way the top typists in the world type? We hear from the toppers row method, in one of the prevalent as well as controversial topics in speed typing as of today.


Typing Secrets

If you have ever wondered how some of such typists can type at impossible speeds, this may be among one of the reasons and you can easily use sites like to check your typing skills. In each typing class in the world, students are taught to use the same finger to type one letter, but does this make you a quick typist?

quick typist

quick typist

This does not seem to be the case that depends on the secrets. They claim that when you learn to move the fingers around the keyboard, based on the word you type.

Another secret various coders, as well as typists, have used for many years is to listen to the favorite music. In the first touch typing lesson, you learn how to place the hands on the keyboard, recognize the home row keys as well as type by making use of the accurate fingers.

As you move through a course, each lesson provides a handful of keys for you to practice till you feel comfortable tracing them without shifting your eyes from the screen.


Learning and Remembering Letters Position

When you master letters, the confidence, as well as accuracy, will increase, with your speed. Do keep in mind that not every beginner attains mastery right away. It takes some sessions for feeling comfortable with touch typing. The reason is it is the typing technique, not perfection or speed, that you need to learn initially, and this needs the development of new muscle memory.

If you spent much of the life typing with a few fingers, you are not just learning a new skill but you work to overcome habits simultaneously. First off, set yourself for success by never looking down.

Next, worry regarding technique and after that accuracy. Do not give priority to speed to become a touch-typist. Lastly, check the tips below as well as TTRS posts on the Home Row Keys, Correct Finger Placement, How much Time it Takes to Learn Touch Typing apart from the advantages of Typing for added information.

  • Watch the posture. There are two reasons why you need to sit properly at the computer. The first has to do with ensuring adequate blood flow to the fingers and facilitating correct positioning of the hands. The second is since you do not want to harm yourself.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome gives a dull aching pain or numbness in the wrist, lower arm, or hand but you can avoid it by keeping bending the elbows at a 90-degree angle as well as the wrists loose, with hands resting on the keyboard.
  • Before you start a lesson, adjust the height of the screen so the neck is straight, and do take care not to hunch the back into a curved position. Place the feet flat on the floor, shake the hands and take some deep breaths for relaxing the body. If you put an effort into learning this routine as a starter, you will make healthy typing habits that protect you from injury later on.
  • Use the senses. Multi-sensory learning is as you involve all the senses to help you to achieve a new skill and this is advantageous in typing. Eyes, ears, and fingers operate together as you see a word on screen, hear it read aloud, and then type it by making use of correct fingers.
  • Various multi-sensory programs, that include the Touch-type Read as well as Spell course, also provide you the choice to display a hand guide on the screen indicating how the keys need to be typed. This visual guide is useful to you as a starter and you can always put it off in a later lesson as you are more comfortable with the keyboard skills.
  • Keep it small and sweet. Though you can be tempted to spending stretches by practicing the new typing skills, sitting at the keyboard and commencing on a screen for a long time is not healthy. An ideal lesson for the starter cannot be lesser than 20 minutes and extending no longer than an hour.
  • Repetition is the key to automatizing the movements but short as well as frequent practice tends to be extra effective. Try to fit in a short typing practice each day or multiple times a week. This trains the hands so you gradually develop the needed muscle memory in the fingers.
  • If you need to spend extended time at the computer, take many breaks for moving around, stretch as well as focus the eyes away from the screen.
  • Learn from the mistakes. When you are initially learning how to type, precision is not as crucial as mastering the typing technique. Repeatedly doing a similar mistake can be a blessing in disguise as it alerts you to the finger positioning that is not correct.
  • If you accidentally hit the wrong key, set up a camera that records the hands while you typing, and after that watch carefully to check if you are starting with the home row keys as well as moving each finger in a focussed way. For hard movements, speak the letter out loud as you type it and if all else fails, place a putty or Blu-tack on the key to make it hassle-free for the fingers to find.
  • Remember, it is important to master each lesson with greater accuracy before you move further.
  • Have fun with it. Learn all of the keys and then commence playing around with the new skill. Have you ever closed the eyes or turned the lights off as well as tried typing in the dark? Touch typing enables you to keep eye contact with a friend or member of the family as you transcribe the conversation.
  • Once you grasp to trace the keys through touch alone and makeup typing speed, you have a fine skill for taking notes. You can also master computer shortcuts as well as handy keyboard tricks.
  • If you look at the keys at the time of a typing lesson, you will consider taking a black marker to the keyboard for blocking the letters. Anyone who does not know keyboarding will not be able to make use of the keyboard! Alternatively, tape a piece of paper on the keys or drape a tea towel above the keyboard. By this, you are forced to trace the keys through touch alone.


Mastering Typing Skills

Once you master the skill of typing, the accuracy increases and you put less time moving for the delete key. If you use a program like Touch-type Read as well as Spell to learn, you can also pull graphs that chart the progress. Check how far you came and this will keep you motivated to end the course and boost the confidence to use computers.

Learn much about the importance of motivation as well as making self-esteem as well as self-confidence in such posts.

As you become an expert typist, you will also become faster. The reason is the more you type a word, especially high-frequency words, the much easier it is to repeat a similar sequence of letters at a faster speed. Time yourself and judge how long it takes to answer the emails in the inbox, write work reports, or draft essays at school.



You can gain immense insight from the expert typists and you will excel if you practice as per their guidelines and make it a constant habit to practice as per the schedule. You should be in constant touch with the experts if you want to master the art of typing faster than too with accuracy. various methods are available in the market but no one can give you the zeal to learn and both zeal, as well as dedication, are the inner being qualities.

You can give 2 hours of dedicated fast writing as per the general rules and parameters and you are lucky that you live in a world where everything is available online and there is no need to get worried about any shortage of guides.